Email is Dead

Design Museum

The Challenge

Intuit Mailchimp entrusted us with translating Something Special Studios’ creative concept into a physical exhibition at the Design Museum. The objective was to convey their influence on emails as we know them through the theme of “Email is Dead“, navigating tight construction schedules.

Our Insight

Leveraging our exhibition expertise, we strategically integrated additional venue graphics to guide guests, optimising the layout for an enriched user experience. Collaborating closely with Intuit Mailchimp ensured seamless alignment of creative solutions with the venue’s architectural nuances.

Our Solution

As the technical production partner, we collaborated with Something Special Studios to deliver solutions for lighting, digital screens, and audio. The integration of audio behind the set, along with a custom fragrance diffusion system, created a multisensory experience. An AI-powered photo booth also enriched the exhibition, offering an interactive engagement.

The Experience

The immersive exhibition brought the “Email is Dead” concept to life, drawing 25,659 visitors over 26 days. Attendees engaged in activities like custom photo booths and a unique personality test, leaving a lasting impression. It captivated the media, generating significant press coverage.

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