We believe shared experiences
are the most powerful

The stories they create and the ideas they inspire can live for generations

Experiences matter

Which makes the events that give rise to them a pretty big deal too. And why being responsible for organising one brings a particular sort of pressure. At EC we understand this.

Founded on a desire to always exceed expectations, we’ve been planning and delivering extraordinary events for three decades. Our close-knit team of over 100 thinkers and doers collaborate in harmony with each other and our clients. Enabling them to create an experience that matters, for the people that matter to them.

Making the extraordinary, everlasting.

Creativity and conscience

It’s not just what we do that matters, but how we do it. We care about each other
and our clients as deeply as we care about the work. We act with creativity and
conscience, guided by the principles we share.

Always excellent

We pursue perfection, without letting it hold back our creativity. Add our meticulous attention to detail and we deliver excellence every time.

Creative ingenuity

Creativity isn’t the responsibility of one department. We are all trusted to try new things and problem-solve. Not just doing, but asking, ‘Why are we doing it?’

Do more with less

Every resource is limited so we must be resourceful. From time and budget to raw materials, we waste no opportunity to make the most of them.

Passionately proud

We are immensely proud of our team and the work that they create. And we want you to be proud of us.


Open, honest dialogue is about knowing when to talk, and when to listen. Only by including every voice can we do work that really matters.

What’s next?

Never stop inventing. Innovate always. What do you want to be next?

Life at EC

We think the experience of working here should be as fun and fulfilling as those we create for our clients. We simply couldn’t do what we do without our passionate team of people who are exactly that – a team. Our diverse backgrounds and skills create a supportive, stimulating environment where everyone is pulling for each other and the work.

Bound by a desire to do the right thing, we want EC to be a place where people feel they can really belong. And because they belong, they stay. The longevity of careers here is something we’re very proud of and contributes to the can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it feeling of togetherness we all share.

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A culture of caring

We believe in taking a sustainable approach to everything we do. In a world where it’s all too common to think and act for the short-term, we prefer to take the long view. Doing things in the right way today, knowing it creates a better future for everyone.

  • Belonging: Bring your whole self to work
  • Wellness: Supporting your health and happiness
  • Social Responsibility: Supporting our community and industry
  • Sustainability: Impact Without Impact
  • Benefits: Making work a richer experience
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Working at EC

Our dynamic team of thinkers, doers, organisers and makers is constantly growing and evolving. If you’d like to do great things, with great people, why not take a look at our current opportunities feed.

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