Natural History Museum

South Kensington, London

The venue

From the architecturally stunning Central Hintze Hall to the out-of-this-world astronomical Earth Galleries and the contemporary, light-filled areas of the Darwin Centre, the museum provides a diverse range of settings to create memorable events. In the celestial Earth Hall, a Stegosaurus welcomes guests to an impressive dinner space, while the versatile Darwin Centre offers a more modern venue for outdoor evening enjoyment. Whether surrounded by the historical grandeur of the architecture or immersed in the contemporary allure of modern design, the Natural History Museum promises an unparalleled backdrop for events that captivate and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Hintze Hall1200
North Hall400
Fossil Way400
Images of Nature Gallery150
Earth Hall400
Earth’s Treasury200
Volcanoes and Earthquakes200
Earth Hall and Earth Galleries800
Darwin Centre350
Jerwood Hall350
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