Transforming Events: Unlocking the power of visual content

Whether it’s capturing the essence of a corporate conference or crafting a brand experience, the way we visually present content plays a commanding role in shaping the narrative and immersing audiences. Here, our Head of Content, Arminda Klier, gives the lowdown on how to turn events from ordinary to extraordinary through the power of visual content.

Use tech to transport audiences into different worlds

In today’s world, leveraging technology is now essential, not just optional, to elevate your event. Projection mapping can transform event spaces into visual spectacles by projecting video onto surfaces such as buildings and walls – turning any object into a screen without distortion. By projecting content onto physical objects, textiles and uniquely shaped areas, it can add dimension, motion and texture to any space. From ancient forests to haunted houses, scenic elements such as a babbling brook or animated ghost, for example, can be brought to life to immerse audiences in captivating narratives.

The best projection mapping enhances rather than effaces the architecture it’s beamed onto, from living murals to story-driven visuals, fusing physical and digital elements. It doesn’t have to be large-scale either; projecting smaller details such as decorations or place settings can revitalise a bland table.

A combination of using projection mapping alongside floor-to-ceiling LED walls encircling a space is extremely effective in enveloping guests in a theme or message. Particularly useful for branding and showcasing sponsor material, the high-resolution capabilities of LED displays bring images and text to life with exceptional clarity.

Think beyond the traditional screen

Did you know that humans absorb and process visuals around 60,000 times faster than text? At EC, we can blend standard presentations with animated video to create seamless overlays that blur the boundaries of box content, to draw in audiences faster. It’s crucial to think beyond traditional screens for storytelling today. For example, transforming the entry point of your event into a walk-through tunnel of LED walls will immerse guests in a visual and auditory experience from the get-go, priming them for the excitement that awaits.

Within the event, interactive elements empower guests to engage with content. Whether through simple totem screens or larger-scale experiences using motion sensors, augmented reality or AI prompts, interactive visual content encourages audience participation. Instead of a one-directional stream of content, by placing your guests in an active role they become part of the event rather than a passive onlooker.

For messages best conveyed through a talking head, consider using 3D holograms rather than traditional totem screens throughout your event or exhibition space. Imagine your CEO appearing as a lifelike hologram to welcome guests or share a key message? This approach not only pushes the boundaries of audience experience but will also add a futuristic edge to your event space.

Extend the experience beyond the event

Visual content is the gift that keeps on giving, and you can extend an event’s lifespan, ensuring a cohesive story from announcement day to final social recap post.

Leading up to the event, creating teaser and promotional content will build awareness and excitement. After your event, don’t just rely on a traditional highlights reel. Instead, curate and edit key moments and learnings into bite-sized social clips that will continue to engage your audience in the weeks following the event. This ongoing engagement can significantly enhance impressions, and you can easily leverage the content for future marketing materials, with the added bonus of maximising ROI.

Having an onsite roaming videographer will also provide an opportunity to capture sound bites from guests and speakers. These authentic messages can be invaluable for promoting future events, offering a real glimpse into the atmosphere and impact. 

To create everlasting events and master the magic of immersive experiences, try some of our visual tech and tools at your next event, guaranteed to envelope your audience in a world beyond their imagination and enchant long after the experience ends. 

Arminda Klier, Head of Content
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