Towards a better future: Event Concept 2022 impact report

We are pleased to share that our 2022 Impact Report is now published, a significant milestone in our mission to embrace sustainability within the events industry and deliver against our 2030 Pledge.

This annual report is a transparent representation of our ongoing efforts to incorporate sustainable practices throughout our business, and it provides a genuine insight into our carbon emissions and our determination to reach our goal of delivering #ImpactWithoutImpact.

At EC, we wholeheartedly embrace the part we need to play to address the critical challenges of our time, including climate change and social inequality, and view this report as a way of monitoring and sharing our progress in contributing to the collective response.

Three key themes underpin our goals: Educating our Community, Partnering with our Clients, and Reducing our Footprint. These themes guide our actions as we strive to make a positive difference in the events industry’s future.

Check out the full report to see:

  • Our Vision – Including our 2023 Pledge.
  • Our Carbon Assessment – Examine how we calculated and validate emissions data through our partnership with Positive Planet.
  • Our Current Reduction Process – The steps we are taking within our business and through the influence we have in our community and our supply chain.
  • Our Targets for 2023

As positive as 2022 has been, we are aiming even higher in 2023. We are delighted that we have achieved our Carbon Neutral status since this report was compiled and that we are now officially a Carbon Literate business. To keep up with developments throughout the year, follow us on LinkedIn, and keep an eye out for updates on our Sustainability page.

Thank you for being part of our progress as we continue our quest towards sustainability.

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