Bladerunner – Built In A Day

Tate Modern

The Challenge

One epic 800-person dystopian themed party. The clients brief; ‘Blade Runner 2049’. For the first time, the new CEO wanted to bring the whole company together for their Christmas party, which had historically, always been departmental.

The party was to be held in the Tate Tanks, the perfect venue to compliment the Sci-Fi theme.

Our Response

The key to a great themed party is good food and entertainment, curated in the most immersive way possible. We recreated the food market scene of the infamous Blade Runner movie; using neon lighting design, pallet bars, industrial oil drums, and we even sourced a replica of the blue dragon used in the 1982 film.

In the adjoining tank, a full-screen futuristic cube hung in the middle of the space, relaying messages and spectacular visuals.

The Experience

We had a secret tucked up our sleeve. Our team visited the client’s office before the party to create a very special video. In true dystopian style, we projected the video everywhere, no matter where someone was within the venue the CEO appeared on a screen nearby. Aided by lots of special effects he thanked all the employees for their hard work and ran through some of the year’s highlights.

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