Bombay Sapphire

‘Saw This Made This’

The Design Museum

The Challenge

To frame an art installation that brought together thousands of crowd-sourced images, visionary director Baz Luhrmann and the world’s first ultra-realistic AI robot artist at the Design Museum.

Our Insight

We needed to deliver a cohesive, premium experience to inspire PR coverage, drive footfall and increase sales of limited-edition Bombay Sapphire bottles – while remaining faithful to the global campaign creative.

Our Solution

The power to create art is in all of us if we just have the confidence to see it. This was the concept behind ‘Saw This Made This’, a global campaign fronted by Baz Luhrmann to showcase AI-produced paintings created from thousands of crowd-sourced images. Our confidence to create the perfect experience was rooted in our intimate knowledge of The Design Museum itself.

Using 3D visualisation, we mapped out an exhibition-style showcase, carefully positioning bespoke scenic elements, AI paintings and key branded assets to transform the space. Creating an intimate environment for press, influencers and the public to build an emotional connection with the Bombay Sapphire brand and challenging them to reappraise it through the medium of art and creativity.

The Experience

By carefully curating the art exhibits, layout and lighting to perfectly complement the space we created the perfect ‘Bombay blue’ infused atmosphere. Slowing guests down just enough to build real engagement with each piece and awaken a raft of emotions from introspection to exuberance. Skilfully mixing the power of art with the Bombay Sapphire brand and climaxing with the spectacle of Ai-Da, the world’s first AI driven robot painter, painting live in our auditorium.

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