Future Faster Summit


The Challenge

To celebrate the company’s 15th Anniversary, the client wanted to gather its 1,200 employees for a week-long summit in the Bahamas. The event required seamless organisation of plenary sessions, VIP speakers, evening dinners, networking opportunities, and hosting chess championship finals. Central to the challenge was creating an immersive 360-degree experience during plenary sessions, necessitating creative expertise and meticulous event management.​

Our Solution

We designed a transformative environment for the main ballroom, featuring floor-to-ceiling LED screens and 360-degree content projection. Other highlights also included a walk-through data tunnel, life-sized holograms of the CEO, and a dynamic focal sculpture reflecting daily themes. The chess championship had a unique stage design resembling a gaming arena, while the Farewell Gala embraced sleek branding and futuristic elements.​

The Experience

Employees were surrounded by captivating visuals, with a curved stage and semi-circular seating enhancing the immersive experience. Each day featured tailored content projected in 360-degree motion around the main ballroom, creating a theatrical experience for sessions, seamlessly integrating visuals and themes to celebrate the client’s achievements and future endeavours.​

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